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The Formula

We offer a unique way of matching people who are seeking a loving and highly compatible relationship. 

The level of compatibility with another can be indicated by your answers to these questions:

Do you feel, heard, understood, seen and supported?

How much ease and comfortability do you feel when you are with this person?​

What is the degree of trust and do you feel safe in their presence?

Can you fully relax and be yourself?

​How many areas do you connect in; emotional, intellectual, spiritual, physical and sexual?

Do you feel supported by your partner in your Life's work?

8 Core Compatibility Factors 

Romance in Nature


When in relationship, do you prefer lots of closeness and time spent together, or is a lot of space and time apart important to you? Or are you somewhere in between? How we bonded when we were young reflects on how we bond romantically. Matching you with someone who has the same Attachment Style is an important factor for long term relational success.

Holding Hands


These cards are used to see what love indicators are in your life at this time and how to best attract and find that special one. It is also used to help see relationship alignment with a potential match.

Happy Senior Couple


We are attracted to another based upon our ideal love story and this story is mostly unconscious. We help you get clear and conscious of what type of person you are attracting and together we explore what works and what may not be working in your attractions. You then can make changes and re-write your ideal love story to attract a more fulfilling relationship.

Couple's Portrait


Relational readiness is the capacity to show up, be present, and to share oneself. It is also the ability to receive your partner as an equal, no power over the other but honoring the beauty and goodness in each other. How open is the person to learning about you, and how willing are they to be met and meet you in requests without losing autonomy? This leads to a healthy long-term relationship. We match you with someone who is capable and willing to meet you as you are.

Romantic Couple


Creative Archetypes is your unique expression that is made up of three Archetypes that represent how you see, interact, and engage the world around you. There are seven creative Archetypes, and we each have a mix of three with a specific order of importance. You will learn yours in our work together! Having a partner with the same Primary Archetype is important to feel seen, understood and to grow together.

Couple Selfie at Beach


How do you handle conflict in relationship? Conflict styles are classified by feminine and masculine ways of interacting to create safety and security with your partner. We pair you with someone who has the same Conflict Style. This compatibility factor is one of the top three of importance in predicting a long lasting relationship.

Tea Time


How you pace, process and prioritize your feelings, thoughts and actions as well as organize and engage your personal and professional time. We match you up with someone as close as possible to your unique Communication and Time Management style.



What are your love languages? Learn what you need to feel loved and appreciated and how to give that to your loved one so they feel it too.

The more of these compatibility factors we have in common with a potential match the greater the chance of co-creating a prosperous love life.

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