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Find the relationship you've been longing for.

With the most effective way of matching couples for lasting love. 


We offer a unique way of matching people who are seeking a loving and highly compatible relationship. This approach is based on similarities. We start by compiling your personal relationship profile which is made up of eight Core Compatibility Factors. 


For many of you, this will be a self-discovery process as we work together to prepare you to attract and select a highly compatible partner. We are here supporting and coaching you as you go through the process of embracing love more fully and preparing for a loving and compatible relationship.


Our goal is to serve our clients best interest, and to the best of our ability, help our clients find the love they always wanted, in a healthy, vibrant, loving and supported relationship. We are happy to answer any questions you may have and schedule a free introduction meeting with one of our Modern Day Matchmaking coaches.

Holding Hands

Why work with us? What makes us different?

We are a small company that only takes on a few clients at a time. We partner with you and are dedicated to helping you find a sustainable and loving partnership.

We have studied and honed a unique and complex skill set of using physical and energetic facial patterns to recognize compatibility factors many people aren't even aware of. Of the many patterns we see, three in particular suggest a high level of compatibility that leads to a successful, loving and sustainable partnership.

An example of one of these factors is communication process, and we all know how important communication is in relationships. Did you know that we all communicate in a process of thinking, feeling and acting, but that we don't all move through those in the same order? It's helpful to be with someone who has the same communication process, but at the very least, to be aware of where you and your partner differ so that you can each be met and understood in your communication.

As our clients move through the matchmaking process, they report that they really enjoy learning and recognizing these factors about themselves and find the relationship coaching a valuable gift that continues to support them.

"I loved working with Dale as a coach and match maker. He helped me get crystal clear on what I was looking for in a relationship and who I was ready to call in. Despite initial trepidations, I felt inspired to give online dating a chance and I felt beautifully supported filtering through possible matches. I’m super grateful that with his great guidance I very quickly found a wonderful partner who I’m truly compatible with. I highly recommend working with Dale and his team for anyone who is looking for an enjoyable dating experience and a healthy and lasting relationship."



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