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About Us

Holding Hands

Our Purpose

To help individuals find a loving, sustainable and highly compatible partnership that is mutually supportive and empowering.

Young Couple

Our Mission

Our mission is to invite people into healthy relationships so they can experience high vitality, happiness, and health resulting in more creative energy to live their purpose, to support partners in their growth, and to encourage connectedness in their families.

Our Values

 Making the dating process fun again; believing
 healthy relationships are beneficial for the world; and
encouraging relationships where authenticity and true nature are expressed and valued.

Our Team

Dale and Kathy pic.jpeg

Dale Hicks

Founder and MDM Coach

For as long as I can remember, I longed for a deep, meaningful and loving relationship. I didn't have examples of healthy and nurturing relationships when growing up which led to learning about love through TV, movies, books and the negative imprinting I got from my parents. Not exactly the best places to learn about high functioning relationships or even, what one looks like.

Inevitably, my dating and partnering experiences were short lived, had lots of excitement and anxiety as well as hurt, disappointment and conflict.

These painful experiences would sometimes leave me thinking “maybe I'm not cut out for partnership”.

But I didn't give up, and after years of searching, learning and growing not only have I learned to love and know myself, but have also gained insight into the workings of a healthy, loving and intimate partnership.

I deeply enjoy sharing what I have learned with others in their pursuit of inhabiting a happy, compatible and loving partnership.

Kathy MDM photo 1.jpeg

Kathy Kehe

MDM Coach

Beyond conditioning, role playing, and idealization exists the potential for a relationship where partners can have freedom AND stability, autonomy AND intimacy, vulnerability AND strength. I know this because I’ve found my way there through tons of training, education and life experience!


This system offers a real shortcut to reveal compatibility factors that most people don’t even know about. I wish I’d known it when I was banging my head against the same wall in my 25-year marriage! No matter how hard we tried, (or fought!) we just couldn’t really understand each other. I’ve now found a loving, supportive, passionate relationship through the same awareness and approach we offer people interested in looking for love in a new way. I’m most enthusiastic about supporting others in finding great relationships where they can just be themselves.


When I’m living the dream, you’d find me spending time with a client, riding my bike around a local lake with my life partner, sharing a home cooked meal with my adult sons, or walking the Camino de Santiago connecting with people from around the world. 

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